linea con circulo

We have partners such as universities and other research centers in domestic and foreign with whom we complement our research with researchers and scientific equipment.

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linea con circulo

By using our agreements we research inter-agency mutual benefit. Help us to make exchanges of researchers between institutions, as well as solve problems of the agro-food sector in a team. In addition, we are willing to make more agreements for research purposes.

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The objective of the convention is to develop mutual cooperation, combining efforts and resources aimed to give added value to the products and production processes in the agro-industry, to improve the competitiveness of the productive sector through technological innovation, through the implementation of joint projects in scientific research and technological development, with their own funds, and, if that is the case, with contestable funds promoted by funders at national and international level, to which they apply jointly in the terms previously established by the parties through Specific Agreements.

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School of Agriculture Luiz de Queiroz, University of São Paulo
(AUGUST 2020 – AUGUST 2025)

The Higher School of Agriculture Luiz de Queiroz (ESALQ), UNIVERSIDADE de SÃO PAULO and universidade Privada del Norte (UPN) agree to promote academic cooperation between the two institutions in areas of mutual interest, by means of:

  • Exchange of teachers and researchers
  • Preparation of joint research projects
  • Joint organization of scientific events and cultural
  • The exchange of information and academic publications
  • Exchange of students
  • Exchange of team members technical-administrative
  • Courses and subjects shared